Actionable Data for Buyers, Developers, and Analysts

The AlliedOffsets Premium Dashboard contains the world’s largest data source on carbon offsetting projects and prices.

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Market Trends

Analyze the voluntary carbon market in hundreds of ways: Sustainable Development goals, project types, retirement details, etc.

Lead Generation

Identify potential buyers of credits, projects and project developers, brokers and resellers, verifiers, and other entities in the market.

Pricing Data

Understand the estimated wholesale prices of credits, as well as the prices that resellers are charging for projects on retail platforms.


AlliedOffsets Premium Dashboard

An online interactive platform containing our full database of 28,000+ carbon offsetting projects around the world, refreshed daily with updates direct from the registries.

Platform features and data points include:

  • Unique profile and login
  • Projects by location
  • Projects by type
  • Registries
  • Transactions by company and account name
  • Credibility and Additionality
  • Vintage
  • Sustainable Development Goals and Co-Benefits
  • Pricing
  • Availability
  • Brokers, Exchanges and Resellers
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Advanced Document Search

An online tool that contains digitized records of nearly 3,000 documents around carbon offsetting projects. Search for keywords, technologies, locations, companies, etc., in order to find the needles in the haystack. We have also digitized structured data (i.e., tables) in certain high-profile projects, allowing you to extract data insights at scale.

Use cases for the document search include:

  • Tracking issuance forecasts in PDDs and MRs
  • Identifying contact information for entities involved with a project
  • Finding niche projects (e.g., those working with coffee, protecting certain animal species, etc.)
  • List projects by associated company
  • Find documents containing specific information (NPV, IRR, VER costs, etc.)
  • Target specific locations within a country
  • Understand what technologies projects are using (cookstove types, wind turbines, etc.)
  • Dive into project co-benefits
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AlliedOffsets Carbon Data API

Our API offers startups and enterprises alike the ability to build on the most comprehensive database of carbon offsetting in the world. The API allows users to display unique data on nearly every project globally, and to run bespoke analysis on our complete dataset.

Use cases include:

  • Accelerating product creation by starting with complete data
  • Creating custom research reports and analysis on top of our data
  • PDD keyword and phrase searching
  • Tracking projects, retirements, documents, and more on a regular basis
  • Constantly updated list of data points available
  • Easy setup and installation
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Carbon Market Report

A report providing an analysis of all the active carbon offsetting projects by selected region, type or registries of interest for those wanting to purchase carbon credits.

Report data points include:

  • Project location
  • Project type
  • Registry
  • Transactions
  • Peer Group Analysis
  • Credibility and Additionality
  • Vintage
  • Sustainable Development Goals and Co-Benefits of projects
  • Pricing
  • Availability
  • Brokers, Exchanges and Resellers
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Carbon Developer Report

A report outlining carbon project landscape to inform the development of your own projects.

Report data points include:

  • Voluntary market overview
  • Eligibility & additionality
  • Certification standards and registries
  • Verifiers
  • Pricing
  • Transactions
  • Funding
  • Brokers, Exchanges and Resellers
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CarbonOffset Voucher Platform

A customised internal funding portal that allows users to allocate funding to high-quality, pre-screened carbon offsetting projects of their choice.

The portal can be used by organisations to:

  • Engage stakeholders (e.g. employees, customers, shareholders) in your sustainability initiatives
  • Include in your marketing efforts
  • Understand what projects your stakeholders care about
  • Understand stakeholder engagement in your initiatives
  • Contribute to multiple projects as part of one initiative
  • Form relationships with high-quality projects for potential future engagement
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