Data Use Cases

AlliedOffsets has developed a library of analysis to showcase the power of our data. You can browse our data use cases, which show how to produce insights via both our API and Carbon Data Explorer.

With API access, you can use AlliedOffsets data to create apps or analyse our data in conjunction with other sources.

The Carbon Data Explorer allows you to access and analyse AlliedOffsets data in an intuitive, no-code interface.

AlliedOffsets API

The below script allows one to quickly understand how much value carbon projects generate in each country, compared to the national GDP per capita. Simple visualizations help to make the ratio more intuitive and immediate. The script builds on two of the main AlliedOffsets’s database tables: project-level information and our industry-leading and proprietary pricing estimates for each credit transaction. The script is written to easily allow you to select a sub-set of countries that you might be interested in, and offers you additional sources that you can consult for GDP information.