Offset Pricing Indices

The Indices below are created by AlliedOffsets, as part of our Voluntary Carbon Premium Dashboard. You can see a a demo of the dashboard here.

These indices are updated every Sunday. Historical indices data is currently available on request.

Index Prices Change* %
AlliedOffsets500 $5.87 0.47 9%
Asia Voluntary $5.85 0.45 8%
Africa Voluntary $8.49 1.22 17%
North America Voluntary $9.39 0.84 10%
CDM Only $2.73 0.33 14%
CAR and ACR Top Projects $9.45 0.16 2%
GSR and VCS Top Projects $7.27 1.36 23%
Nature Based $8.07 1.78 28%
Household Devices Voluntary $8.15 -0.39 -5%

* Change is for week on week

** Past trajectory is for each week, going back two months

Indices are constructed by estimating the price of the most retired projects across each field, accounting for outliers. The project price estimates are driven by a combination of project sampling, tokenized credit prices, and external data points. CDM is removed from the continent indices. AlliedOffsets is able to generate custom indices upon request – please get in touch to learn more.

Update as of the 24th of October, 2022: We have updated our pricing model to incorporate indications of project additionality, such as CCB status (where relevant), CORSIA eligibility and Sustainable Development Goals. This has particularly affected estimated prices for Forestry and Land Use projects, which make up a significant portion of the AlliedOffsets 500 index.